In the middle of a week long sojourn in Cocoa Beach, it struck me today that the idea I arrived at yesterday to describe the nature of archetypes (maximal flexibility) concurs with Professor Jordan Peterson’s description of the nature of heroes. The hero archetype, in Peterson’s view, is ultimately characterized by success across multiple domains. The essential human hero, in other words, triumphs in whatever game he is placed within.

Writing this just now I am reminded of the poetic description of divinity discussed by Robert Graves in THE WHITE GODDESS. It has been decades since I read that book, so the exact language is well beyond me. Generally put, the poem describes the God’s pursuit of the Goddess through a host of animal forms. These forms are what Peterson calls “games” or “domains”. The hero participates in this divine, maximal, flexibility that is characteristic of Life Itself.

This idea of Maximal Flexibility as the defining character of Life struck me a few years ago while driving late night to that Burrito Boy on Franklin. I only consciously connected it to the idea of archetypes yesterday, though I had been aware of it for some months, after recognizing the way in which scenes from HAMLET had been repurposed within DUNE – and, decades before, in JEKYLL & HYDE – in ways that were far more convoluted that I had ever suspected or imagined possible.

I am imagining a sort of Holy Trinity of LIFE (Maximally Flexible Being), ARCHETYPES (a sort of Economy of Images, capable in a way somehow similar to mathematics of describing LIFE), and the MIND capable of recognizing and speaking in these images.


On a more immediate note, I played last Saturday evening at the Juice & Java open mic here in Cocoa Beach. Was gifted with what amounted to two or three slots by the host. Sold a few CD’s and was dubbed “a true troubadour” by one of the old timers who’s been writing and playing in the Southeast for a good forty or fifty years. Means a lot to me to be recognized as taking part in the Lineage of the Holy Trinity by a true Old Timer.

The host offered me a feature slot if I can stick around through this coming Saturday night. Planning on doing that. The Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday (when Jesus is supposed to be harrowing Hell) is traditionally slow at Juice & Java, and this last one fit what I hear is the mold. It’s a sweet scene, so I’m going to stick around to play a busier night.

Probably headed down to the Whiskey Beach Pub, just a bit beyond Patrick AFB, to play their open mic tonight. Looks a bit bar-ish for my taste, but makes sense to keep a steady rhythm going. Plus, I really need to sell more CD’s.

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