So, we’re at that part where the older dude and the younger dude are trapped in the same car, while not being on the same page, or in the same chapter, or the same book. They may not even be in the same medium. This is the point where there’s some sort of transformative confrontation. The gloves come off. Hearts are bared through teeth.

I don’t know how to write the scene, though. All I can think of is something like the older dude comes across a sledgehammer and SMASHES THE YOUNGER DUDE’S IPHONE 7 INTO A THOUSAND PIECES…

This scene goes on and on, with the older dude SMASHING AND SMASHING AND SMASHING AWAY AT THE THOUSAND PIECES SO THAT EACH OF THEM IS SMASHED INTO A THOUSAND PIECES, till sweat starts pouring off his face and he lets out a series of bizarre yet strangely compelling screeches…

Then, a gentle rain falls; and in the background, we hear that orchestral piece featured in 2001. I think it’s titled Thus Spake Zarathustra.

Anyway, this all seems a little ham-handed to me. So, I’m in the market for a new writer.

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2 thoughts on “New Writer Wanted

  1. Amy Palatnick 4 years ago

    for realz? you smashed his phone?

    this story’s getting GOOD!


    1. April Fool 4 years ago

      only in my mind