Shipwrecked on a landlocked island, the rumination on essential values continues its watercourse way…

I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that a media system geared to generate clicks and views is not suited to apprehending the truth.

In this sense, the Internet has – to put it one way – destabilized the Marxist concern with control over the means of production. By that I mean to say that it doesn’t matter who controls the machine, because the machine just produces what it produces. Or, as Marshall Mcluhan famously put it: the medium is the message.

Which returns us ultimately to the ages old question of whether it is even possible to have a moral animal.

This may seem an absurdly certain statement, following up on a series of absurdly certain statements. Remember: I’m going out on a limb, here.

On this limb, the problem of the moral animal underlies everything. It is at the root of the spread of narcissism and psychopathy, as these are both cheats on the essential problem. While their spread might be understood as a consequence of the deconstruction of systems of received morality. In encouraging a radical skepticism as to all values, unalloyed self-interest is the only reality left standing.

In other news, I met the woman of my dreams the other night… but it was in a dream.

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