I’ve been wanting to express my feelings of horror and utter disdain toward the industry that provides an endless stream of celebrity news. The production and consumption of this news is to my mind grotesque. I find myself wanting to scream, GET A FUCKING LIFE!!! But it is, of course, within my power – at least hypothetically – to build a fucking life that doesn’t pay any attention to all those ridiculous creeps on TMZ.

There is something fascinating in it, though.

… For my uncle is King of Denmark, and those that would make mouths at him while my father lived give twenty, forty, fifty, a hundred ducats apiece for his picture in little. ‘Sblood, there is something in this more than natural, if philosophy could find it out.

I am reminded in writing this of the function of saints in the early Christian cult. In short, the saints functioned as representations of a worshipper’s own ‘higher self’. This, it seems to me, is something like the role celebrities play. We get to experience heaven vicariously through them, but it is a heaven suited to the gross tastes of our society.

The horror of it all, as stated, makes me want to scream. More articulately, though, I want to echo Bob Dylan’s line:

Ah you never turned around to see the frowns
On the jugglers and the clowns when they all did tricks for you
You never understood that it ain’t no good
You shouldn’t let other people get your kicks for you

If it isn’t already clear: the jugglers and the clowns are celebrities; and to say that the whole system of them ain’t no good is not to say that you shouldn’t have role models, but that you have to actually live the life you admire insofar as you are able.

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